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What you get

Unlimited access to the leading virtual fitness and nutrition platform as an active Knew Health member. Each head of the household will be able to create an online account to access premium workouts, celebrity workouts, meditation, yoga, recipes, step challenges, nutrition programs, and more!

How to Access FitOn

Click the register link below and sign up using the head of the household name, DOB, and zip code provided with your Knew Health application. You will have access starting on the effective date of your Knew Health membership. Download the Fiton app in your favorite app store, with unlimited access on any screen.

After signing in, click the “Digital” tab to access unlimited on-demand resources.

Ways Knew Health Members Maximize Their Fiton Membership

  • After using your functional medicine or health coaching services, the Fiton nutrition program and meal planning can help you achieve your goals. 
  • Referring members to Knew Health can get you $300 to apply toward credits that can be used toward various additional perks in the Fiton platform.
  • Challenge and engage with fellow Knew Health community members.